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Aqua Design Awards

Our Award-Winning Pools


Location: Burr Ridge, IL

The Focal point of this project is a rectangular fiberglass pool specifically designed for installation where space is at a premium.

This pool features seatings along one side and includes six spa jets.


Location: Downers Grove, IL

You do not need a big backyard to enjoy a pool. This pools depth ranges from 3 ft. 6in. to 5ft. 10in. and features steep seating on the shallow end and bench seating on the deep end.


Location: Barrington, IL

16-by-24-ft. fiberglass pool equipped with multi-color fiber-optic lighting.  An automated control system connected to the home allows complete control over the pool and all it's functions.


Location: Three Oaks, MI

Built steps from the lake in the home owners backyard, this heated pool extends the swimming season at least a month in this Northern climate.

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